The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says the Super Tag Raffle has raised more than $3.7 million for big game management and wildlife conservation in the state.

The Super Tag Raffle was established by the Wyoming Legislature in 2014 to generate additional revenue for the department as well as providing new hunting opportunities.

The popularity of the Super Tag has grown annually with 2018 beating all previous records. Last year, 14,590 people invested in conservation by buying 70,145 Super Tag raffle tickets generating $913,550 in revenue.

Revenue from the Super Tag supports a range of programs including those addressing what the department calls their most pressing issues, like the Wyoming mule deer initiative, hunter safety, law enforcement, and tracking chronic wasting disease.

“Maintaining Wyoming’s world-class hunting is not getting any easier or less expensive. Current challenges facing wildlife managers, such as new wildlife diseases, invasive species, migration corridors, and others were not major concerns a generation ago,” said Game and Fish deputy director Scott Smith in a news release. “Additionally, the work of Game and Fish has expanded beyond managing game species to include species that are not hunted or fished as both habitat threats and Endangered Species Act listing petitions have increased.”

The Super Tag Raffle includes ten license drawings - one drawing for each of the following species: bighorn sheep, moose, elk, mountain goat, wild bison, deer, antelope, mountain lion, grey wolf, and black bear. The Super Tag Trifecta is one drawing and the winner chooses any three licenses from those offered. Raffle winners are able to hunt any open area for the species selected except for moose and wild bison, and bighorn sheep.

Super Tag tickets are $10 each and Trifecta tickets are $30. The department says tickets will be on sale until July 1, 2019. Visit the Super Tag website to get more information and to purchase Super Tag tickets.

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