The Wyoming Highway Patrol says its troopers helped reunite a missing child and his family in southern Wyoming after the 9-year-old was found walking along Interstate 80 on Saturday.

According to a news release, troopers were contacted at roughly 3:45 p.m. Saturday after a young child was found walking alongside Interstate 80 in Sweetwater County. Passing motorists picked the child up and took him to  the Green River Police Department, according to the statement.

The news release says troopers helped police find the child's parents. They were able to find the family of the boy in Rock Springs. The boy's parents said they were driving two separate vehicles when one of them experienced a flat tire alongside Interstate 80.

After making repairs, both parents loaded up and apparently thought their child was in the other vehicle.

Troopers reunited the child with his parents and don't suspect any foul play.

The Patrol credits the combined efforts of the Green River Police Department, state troopers and good Samaritans who stopped to help with the situation ending well.

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