A Wyoming man charged with third-degree sexual assault was sentenced to three years of supervised probation in Albany County District Court earlier this month.

Sisco Molina, a sports writer for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, had eight to ten years in prison suspended and was sentenced to three years of supervised probation on Nov. 7.

According to court documents filed in July, Molina was arrested after having entered a friend’s residence in Laramie and touching her in a sexual manner without her consent.

The victim met with Laramie Police officers and told them that on May 14, she had received a phone call from Molina, who lives in Cheyenne, inviting her out. The victim said she told Molina she had already been out with her boyfriend and they were staying in for the night. She told Molina she would leave her door unlocked if he needed a place to ‘crash’. She texted Molina her address.

The victim told officers she and her boyfriend went to sleep and that she slept very deeply, having had several alcoholic drinks that night.

According to the affidavit, the victim told officers that at about 6 a.m. she was awakened by Molina, who was kneeling by her bed and had placed his mouth on her genital area over her underwear. She said she immediately pushed his head away and upon seeing the look on her face, Molina asked if he should go. The victim said yes, he should.

Molina sent a number of texts to the victim saying that he was sorry, that he had “blacked a little,” but that there was “no justification in that.”

The victim said during the police interview that she had never had any previous sexual relationship with Molina and had never given him any reason to believe that she wanted to.

The officers had the victim initiate a phone call to Molina on May 25, during which Molina apologized for his actions. The officer then interviewed Molina at the Cheyenne Police Department on May 31. Molina initially said he only remembered being on his knees on the side of the victim’s bed and her being angry with him and telling him to leave. Toward the end of the interview however, the defendant admitted he remembered placing his mouth on her genital area.


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