Travelers coming into Wyoming are getting a new view.  New "Welcome to Wyoming" signs are in the being installed around the state, featuring a scenic view of the Lower Green River Lake and Squaretop Mountain.

Crews are installing 32 8-by-4 foot and five 16-by-8 foot reflective signs at several locations in Wyoming, said Mike Calaway, WYDOT Sign Shop supervisor.

“The larger signs will be going on interstates 80, 25 and 90, while the smaller ones will go on the secondary roads,” Calaway said. “The signs will be at locations where motorists enter the state.”

WYDOT changes the sign design every eight years to match the new state license plate, which is also changed on the same timeline.

“Our new Welcome to Wyoming signs mirror the image of our license plates, which reflect the natural beauty of the state of Wyoming,” said Gregg Fredrick, WYDOT chief engineer. “This unique sign will welcome visitors to our state as they travel to Wyoming’s picturesque and scenic destination areas.”

WYDOT worked with the Wyoming Office of Tourism on the signs, while WYDOT’s Public Affairs Office did the design to look like the state’s license plates.

“No matter which state agency we work for, it’s our job to champion Wyoming," said Diane Shober, executive director for the Wyoming Office of Tourism. “This interagency project allowed us to work collaboratively with the Wyoming Department of Transportation as we collectively greet visitors to Wyoming, while also welcoming residents home.”

Since they feature a scenic Wyoming location, visitors often use a pullout to stop an snap a photo of themselves with the signs.

“We’re proud of the state of Wyoming so, we also decided years ago to start adding some artwork to the welcome signs,” said Joel Meena, Traffic program manager. “Not only are these signs beneficial for Wyoming’s tourism, but more importantly, they let travelers know when they’re entering the state of Wyoming.”

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