Earlier in 2022, Wyoming's 511 app added some new features. The app is typically used for receiving updated road conditions and travel information via the Wyoming Department of Transportation. But this winter, a new feature helps Wyoming residents claim roadkill along their travels upon documenting the animal while also having reviewed the rules for the roadkill to be eaten. Just this past week, a national publication reported a story about Wyoming's 511 app.

The new features of the Wyoming 511 app allow for roadkill to be collected for food. The Cowboy state is one of about 30 states that are allowed to collect and eat roadkill.

Just this past week, the 'New York Post' talked about the Wyoming 511 app in a story and promoted the fact that the features within the app 'may be the first of its kind in the U.S.'

As far as what can be claimed, there are a number of animals as roadkill that can be collected, such as deer, elk, bison, wild turkey, or moose. With that being the case, there are specific rules that need to be followed in claiming the roadkill for food as well. The roadkill cannot be collected after dark if its along interstate highways or construction zones. This is obviously for safety reasons. It is also not allowed to collect roadkill at national parks.

Another rule is that the entire carcass must be retrieved in Wyoming. The roadkill meat cannot be donated to any charities in Wyoming either. So don't show up like Dwight Schrute from 'The Office' at a charity and throw the carcass up on the desk of reception like he does in the video below.

The purpose of the features on Wyoming 511 app that track the roadkill helps Wyoming wildlife biologists and highway officials so that it can be determined where to install roadkill crossing signs, as well as other ways to help preserve wildlife in the Cowboy State.

Given the innovative features through the Wyoming 511 app, it's nice get some national recognition for its innovativeness out West.

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