The Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Wyoming Department of Transportation recently launched new features to the Wyoming 511 mobile app to send authorization for those seeking to collect roadkill.

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Collecting roadkill from select Wyoming roadways became legal in January, and now people can request authorization to salvage deer, elk, antelope, moose, wild bison or wild turkey from unintentional vehicle collisions with wildlife. There are some restrictions to collecting, namely, anyone collecting roadkill must receive authorization from Game and Fish before collection.

That can be done through the Wyoming 511 app, even without cellular service.

Safety considerations bar people from picking up carcasses from extremely busy roadways, such as Interstates 25, 80, and 90. It also disallows collection in active construction areas and within national parks in Wyoming.

Full collection guidelines and the regulation are available on the Game and Fish website, as well as a desktop authorization form for people without smartphones.

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