The Cowboy State loves candy, according to a new study ranking Wyoming ninth in the nation for per capita candy consumption.

Researchers estimate Wyoming residents will eat over 69,000 pounds of candy each year. Our ratio of over 12,000 pounds of annual candy consumption for every 100,000 people trails only Arizona (over 29,000 pounds of candy for every 100,000 residents), Utah, Nevada, Kansas, North Dakota, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Around the region, our neighbors in Nebraska ranked tenth for the most candy consumption nationwide, just behind Wyoming, with over 11,000 pounds of candy consumed for every 100,000 people. Idaho finished 11th nationwide, followed by South Dakota in 20th place, Montana in 23rd, and Colorado in 25th.

Connecticut ranks last in candy consumption with only 175 pounds for every 100,000 residents. Oklahoma, Maryland, Missouri, and Alaska round out the five states that consume the least candy.

Another study analyzing 12 years of online candy sales in each state claims salt water taffy is the most popular Halloween candy in the Cowboy State, accounting for nearly 26,000 pounds in sales since 2007, followed by Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Double Bubble Gum.

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