Coming in just behind Kansas and one position ahead of Texas, Wyoming takes the ninth spot on the list of Top 10 Best States for Millennials compiled by

Wyoming’s high ranking is due in no small part to the University of Wyoming. According to the website, “this is a great state to establish residency if you are planning to go to college because it has the cheapest 4-year in-state college tuition rates in the country.”

The list also highlights Wyoming’s bars and nightclubs as a draw for millennials, saying the Cowboy State “ranks in the top five for concentration of night spots relative to its youth population.”

In order, the top 10 list includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana, Louisiana, Indiana, Kansas, Wyoming and Texas. ranks Washington as the worst state for millennials due primarily to the state’s 14.2 percent overall unemployment rate and its rate of unemployment specifically among people aged 20-24, which comes in at fourth-worst in the nation.

Virginia and Arizona tie for second-worst, as they each have a low concentration of nightspots relative to the young adult population. California, Vermont, New Hampshire, Oregon, Maine, Delaware and Kentucky round out the list of Top 10 Worst States for Millennials.

According to the website’s ranking methodology, eight different criteria were considered: unemployment among young adults, percent of state population composed of young adults, in-state cost of four-year public colleges, availability of residential rentals, average cost of residential rentals, percentage of population with access to high-speed broadband, the number of nightspots per 1,000 young adults, and the number of fitness clubs per 1,000 young adults.

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