Wyoming is one of the worst states for reckless driving, according to a new study.

Insurify estimated the percentage of motorists with reckless driving citations in each state. Wyoming ranked fourth nationwide, 126% above the national average, with a rate of 40.9 reckless drivers for every 10,000 motorists.

Virginia ranked first the nation with 68.6 reckless drivers for every 10,000 motorists, followed by North Dakota (57.4), South Dakota (49.3), Wyoming (40.9), and Montana (36.5). Nebraska ranked tenth nationwide with 24.3 reckless drivers for every 10,000 motorists.

The study also noted the number of police officers in Wyoming is one percent above the national average. Reckless drivers in the Cowboy State face a penalty of up to six months jail and $750 in fines for a first offense. Wyoming is also one of several states to impose a surcharge for reckless driving citations, which ranges from $150 to $300.

Texas has the lowest percentage of reckless drivers in the country, according to the study which estimates only 2.5 reckless driving citations for every 10,000 motorists in the Lone Star State; 86% below the national average.


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