The former President of the Wyoming Board of Nursing and a top Wyoming Department of Health official are facing felony drug charges for alleged delivery of hydrocodone.

According to court documents filed in the case, Department of Health official ErIc McVicker had come to the attention of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents through information that came out of his divorce case.

A DEA agent then turned the information over to Brad Wnuk of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

McVicker's wife, Elizabeth, allegedly gave investigators about 130 pages of incriminating e-mails between her husband and Cynthia Woods, a nurse at Platte County Memorial Hospital and until recently President of the Wyoming Nursing Board.

McVicker had previously been CEO at the hospital, according to the documents.

Woods resigned as President of the Nursing Board last week, according to the Associated Press.

Agents believed the e-mails they obtained were clearly discussing illegal drug use, including specific references to Vicodin, a brand name for a prescription drug generically known as hydrocodone.

Agents got a search warrant for two of McVicker's g-mail accounts as well as one belonging to Woods. They then confronted McVickers on May 18, although he was not arrested. He allegedly told them that Woods had given him Vicodin at least 10 different times.

He thought she had stolen the drugs from her husband, who is a doctor. He also allegedly admitted to having marijuana edibles purchased in Colorado.

Later that day the agents confronted Woods at her office in Wheatland, according to the documents. She allegedly denied giving McVickers drugs, but then admitted she had. But she denied stealing the prescription drugs from her husband, but said they were leftover prescription drugs she had been given after surgery..

Woods faces a June 2 preliminary hearing in Laramie County Circuit Court on charges of delivery of a controlled substance. McVicker is facing accessory charges in the case.

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