Recently, the publication Business Insider is saying Wyoming is the new retire in anyway, thanks to no income tax, good healthcare, and national parks.

When it comes time for retirement, there's a few things that often need to be looked at. Typically it's pleasant weather, low taxes, and an environment that invites lots of social opportunities. Usually, Florida is the recommended best option for anyone with those desires. However, in recent years, Wyoming has been making the climb on the list of recommended states for retirees.

In 2019, according to Kiplinger, Wyoming was listed as the most tax-friendly state for retirees. With no state income tax and low property taxes, Wyoming's tax structure is very attractive for someone looking towards their retirement years.

The amount of senior-friendly places to live in Wyoming is another factor. According to Tom Lacock, the Associate State Director for Communications and State Advocacy at AARP Wyoming, the state has invested $5.46 million per year on senior welfare since 2003, which also includes growing senior centers and enhancing aging-in-place programs.

With seven national parks throughout the state, which include Yellowstone and Grand Teton, the outdoor atmosphere makes for a retirement-friendly environment. According to The Weather Channel, the average temperature in July is about 83 degrees, while December brings an average of 38 degrees, which is relatively temperate.

So when retirement comes calling, don't worry about heading for Florida. There's plenty of room for you to settle here in Wyoming.

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