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Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

A bill that is slated for consideration by the 2020 Wyoming Legislature would allow state residents to use digital driver's licenses and ID cards if it becomes law.

House Bill 0005 is being sponsored by the legislature's Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Interim Committee. Anyone wanting a digital license would still have to get a physical driver's license.

The cost of the digital license would be $20 in addition to the physical driver's license fee. A digital ID card would cost $10 in addition to the cost of a physical ID card. WYDOT would be able to cancel on revoke the digital license anytime the same action was taken in regard to a person's physical license.

The digital license would be stored on the motorist's portable electronic device, such as a smartphone. The digital driver's licenses would be expected to raise around $640,000 per year for the state, assuming roughly a quarter to a third of eligible state residents opt for the digital cards.

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