A person convicted in Wyoming of a nonviolent felony who completes their entire sentence on or after Jan. 1, 2010, would have their voting rights automatically restored under a bill passed Thursday by the Wyoming House of Representatives.

House Bill 75 passed on third reading by a vote of 41-17 with two lawmakers excused.

The measure would require people convicted of a nonviolent felony who completed their sentence -- including probation and parole -- before 2010 to fill out a request form and be found eligible before their voting rights could be restored.

The proposal would mainly impact staff time, according to the bill's fiscal note. The Department of Corrections reportedly indicated there would also be some cost associated with the activities and materials required by the legislation.

Also according to the fiscal note, determining eligibility for all offenders who completed their sentence before Jan. 1, 2010 would be no small task.

Data collected by the department reportedly puts the total number of nonviolent felony offenders who completed their sentence in 2013 alone at 1,178.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. James W. Byrd (D-Cheyenne), Rep. Eric Barlow (R-Gillette), Rep. Stan Blake (D-Green River), Rep. Charles Pelkey (D-Laramie) and Sen. Ogden Driskill (R-Devils Tower).

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