Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Wednesday came out in support of businesses that have announced face covering requirements in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

"I congratulate them. This is their prerogative, this is their constitutional right," Gordon said during a news conference.

Walmart will require customers to wear face coverings beginning Monday, July 20. All Kroger stores -- including Smith's Food and Drug as well as King Soopers -- will require masks beginning Wednesday.

"If the say 'no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service,'  then by God I'm going to respect that," Gordon said emphatically.

"Now there are some who want to go argue that point," Gordon said. "But let's remember our Constitution. If I have a business, it is my private business, and I make the decision that I don't want people to be in there for a reason that has to do with a face mask, that is my constitutional right."

"And if you have a problem with that, go sue them," Gordon added.

Gordon said he supports the rights of businesses to take steps to protect their employees. He also respects the courage of those employees, many of whom are considered frontline workers who have had to work through the pandemic when others were encouraged to stay home.

"And I think people in Wyoming, generally, will respect those rights," Gordon concluded.

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