Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed 41 bills into law on Monday.

Among those was a bill that removes restrictions on people with concealed firearms permits carrying guns into houses of worship. Churches and other houses of worship can still choose to bans guns by placing a sign outside their building saying guns are prohibited.

Another bill signed into law restricts the authority of cities and towns to impose laws outside of their boundaries.

Other bills signed into law made changes on state law in regard to stalking and dealt with budget requests from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. All of the bills were passed by lawmakers during the 2018 legislative session.

The entire list of bills signed into law is shown below. You can read the text of the bills at the Wyoming Legislature website.

Enrolled ActBill NumberTitle
1.SEA0021SF0031Veterans’ skilled nursing center.
2.SEA0022SF0082Miner’s hospital board account.
3. SEA0023SF0027Excise tax audits.
4. SEA0024SF0081Game and fish department-budget requests.
5.SEA0025SF0011Public utility regulation-joint powers entities.
6.SEA0026SF0090First judicial district-number of district judges.
7.SEA0027SF0010Utilities-rate making.
8.SEA0028SF0041Organ donation promotion-task force.
9. SEA0029SF0035Military Service Relief Act additional protections.
10.SEA0030SF0060Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway-highway designation.
11.SEA0031SF0084Motor vehicle registration-deployed military members.
12.SEA0032SF00692018 large project funding.
13.SEA0033SF0063Interfund loan accounts and interest rates.
14.SEJR001SJ0002            150th Anniversary of the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.
15.HEA0026HB0125Wyoming lottery revenues.
16.HEA0028HB0008Stalking revisions.
17.HEA0029HB0028Education reporting-children of military personnel.
18.HEA0030HB0031Hathaway scholarship application deadline-extension.
19.HEA0031HB0061Roadside waiver of property rights prohibited.
20.HEA0032HB0106Municipal court authority-conditional suspension of fines.
21.HEA0033HB0108Estelle Reel.
22.HEA0034HB0141Concealed weapons in places of worship.
23.HEA0035HB0117Domestic abuse-phone numbers.
24.HEA0036HB0099Prescription and possession of FDA approved drugs.
25.HEA0037HB0029Alternative school accountability.
26.SEA0035SF0089Local government distributions.
27.HEA0038HB0144Wyoming invests now exemption-amendments.
28.HEA0039HB0039Wildlife conservation license plates.
29.HEA0040HB0084Approval of bridge designs, plans and specifications.
30.HEA0041HB0170Wyoming children's trust fund-amendments.
31.HEA0042HB0042Justice reform-graduated sanctions.
32.HEA0043HB0172Produced water treatment.
33.HEA0044HB0026Post-conviction relief.
34.HEA0047HB0175Common college transcripts.
35.HEA0048HB0036Move over requirement.
36.HEA0049HB0014Municipal jurisdiction.
37.HEA0050HB0157Health care providers-sexual assault protections-2.
38.HEA0051HB0192Legislator communications on recordings and broadcasts.
39.HEA0052HB0156State songs.
40.HEJR0002HJ0005Yellowstone and Grand Teton wildlife conservation fees.
41.HEJR0003HJ0008150th Anniversary of the 1868 Treaty of Fort Bridger.

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