It is never a surprise when it is snows in the summer here in the Cowboy State, but usually (if you can even use that word when talking about Wyoming weather), it's closer to the beginning of the summer, like June. That is not the case today.

The official US National Weather Service Riverton Wyoming Facebook page posted a photo today (August 22nd, 2021), of a what they are referring to as "minor snow" on Togwotee Pass, which is located in the Jackson Hole Valley, between the towns of Moran Junction and Dubois. Along with the photo, the National Weather Service added the caption that read:

7 AM - 8/22/21: Minor #snow accumulation occurred last night on #Togwotee Pass (9659 FT). #wywx

While this is definitely not what I would call a major snowfall, I wouldn't personally classify it as minor either. If it's sticking, that's a little bit more than the norm, especially for August.

The entire state can expect to see some lower temperatures throughout this week, especially in the evenings, where in certain higher elevations, the lows are expected to be in the mid to high 30 degrees range.

It looks like it's time to break out the hoodies a little sooner this year. Fall is already waving hello.

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