Gas prices in Wyoming are on the rise once again. As of Friday (July 16th), the statewide average per gallon for regular is up to $3.43. This, according to AAA. At about the midpoint for summer, how much higher can gas prices go before we hit fall?

The $3.43 statewide average is up 6 cents per gallon from where it was just a week ago and 28 cents higher from where it was a month ago ($3.15). According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gas in the entire state is in Laramie at the Tumbleweed Express at $2.85 per gallon. The highest was reported yesterday in Teton County at $4.19 per gallon.

While Wyoming's gas prices have continued to soar, the national average is up just 1 cent to $3.16 per gallon this week. The Energy Information Administration has reported a gas demand decline over the past week, which you might think would help slow prices at the pump. However, oil prices remain over $70 per barrel, which indicates that the average gas prices will remain well over $3 per gallon throughout the summer vacation months.

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Despite the prices remaining high, a potential OPEC agreement that would lead to an increase of production could certainly help lower gas prices should the agreement come through.

Last week, Wyoming's increases in its statewide average for gas prices was the third highest across the country. Only Utah and Idaho saw bigger increases.

Of course, in terms of counties across Wyoming, both Albany County and Laramie County have two of the lowest average gas prices in the entire state with $3.33 and $3.34, respectively. It was mentioned where to find the cheapest gas in the city of Laramie, and in Cheyenne, the cheapest spot for gas as of today is $3.27 at Sam's Club on Dell Range and just across the street at Exxon at $3.27 per gallon.

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