If you are searching for gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has options.

The Game and Fish Department has lifetime licenses and conservation stamps, magazine subscriptions, raffle tickets, and of course there's the gift shop at the Cheyenne headquarters.

As posted on the Wyoming Game and Fish website, lifetime licenses or stamps are available for residents who have lived in Wyoming for at least 10 years. A resident lifetime small game/bird license, or a lifetime fishing license, is $311. They are also available in a package deal that includes a lifetime conservation stamp for $681.50. A lifetime conservation stamp alone is $185.50. More information on lifetime licenses and stamps can be found online.

A subscription to Wyoming Wildlife magazine, which features Wyoming’s rare animals, unique experiences, and Game and Fish’s projects, is available at $12.95 for 12 issues. Subscriptions can be made by phone at 1-800-710-8345 or online.

Super Tag raffle tickets can be purchased in someone's name. Winning a Wyoming Super Tag or Super Tag Trifecta affords one the opportunity to purchase Wyoming’s most popular big game and trophy game licenses with the ability to hunt in any open area, short of moose and bighorn sheep.

Raffle winners will have waiting periods waived and will be exempt from the once-in-a-lifetime requirement for wild bison and mountain goat licenses.

The department says "applications are available by species with one winner selected in July for each of the ten species; trifecta winners choose any three from the list: elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, black bear, mountain goat, mountain lion, gray wolf, wild bison or moose."

Super Tag applications are $10 each, and Super Tag Trifecta applications are $30 each. Unlimited entries are allowed. Applications are accepted until July 1, 2019 and the drawing will be announced in July of 2019. The tickets must be submitted under the recipient's name and cannot be transferred. So, ask for your recipient’s SPID to purchase this gift.

And if licenses and super tags are not what you had in mind, the Game and Fish Gift Shop at the Cheyenne Headquarters - also available online shop online - offers wildlife memorabilia, housewares, apparel, and books. The exclusive, new Game and Fish ceramic, colorful poly deer mug is available at $5.75. Also on special sale through Dec. 15 is the Wyoming OnX Hunt map for only $99.

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