This year's Univerisity of Wyoming football team has been exciting, on and off the field.

If you follow social media, you may have noticed that some Cowboys have some bizarre Twitter names.

Here's our completely unofficial list of the Wyoming Football's Top Five Twitter Handles:

1. @ScrappyTurtle7 - We're not exactly sure how kicker Cooper Rothe earned this nickname, but his two clutch field goals against San Diego State this weekend earned the "snappy turtle" some love on social media.

2. @B_Heezy5 - Brian Hill changed his Twitter handle after switching uniform numbers from #8 to #5. As Wyoming's all-time leading rusher, B Heezy has received plenty of Twitter love this season, as he ranks among the top five running backs in the country.

3. @J_Prodigy_5 - When he his arrived in Laramie, most people didn't expect Quarterback Josh Allen to be a "prodigy". He's lived up to those expectations, and then some. His twitter page is also one of the funniest on the team.

4. @AC_2P - Austin Conway has emerged this season as one of the biggest weapons on Wyoming's roster. On social media, the former two-sport star is humble and often admits embarrassing things about himself, including his habit of falling asleep in public.

5. @deweywingard - One of the leaders on defense this season, Safety Andrew Wingard also goes by his online alter-ego "Dewey". His long, blonde hair has even inspired several online lookalikes, including @2wildabeast2.


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