I've seen just about every possible Wyoming wildlife showdown. Bears versus wolves, bears versus bison, bison versus people, etc. But, it's obvious to me now that I hadn't seen everything as this is the first time I've seen video of an epic Wyoming beaver battle as shared by some folks on a float trip.

This happened a few weeks ago in front of the Tetons as you can see near the end of the video. Here's what the people on the float trip that captured this special video battle had to say about it:

Beavers are territorial but also live in multi generational family groups so we're not totally sure if this was a dispute or play.

If this is playing, I'd hate to see what a beaver fight would look like.

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Pets on Mom confirms what the float trip people said. They mentioned that while beavers aren't generally aggressive, they are territorial. They say that a real beaver fight can be deadly believe it or not. The fact that these two tangled for a short time then went back to regular beaver life probably means it wasn't a serious disagreement. But, I'm not a beaver, so this is just educated non-beaver guessing.

This led to a disturbing research project where I attempted to find footage of a real beaver fight. This sadly is the best I could do.

This resembles a scuffle my dad and his brother had at a family reunion a few decades ago. Fortunately, no video footage was taken of that.

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