It's tax time again! And if you happen to live in Wyoming, there's a very chance that if you have all the proper paperwork, you probably already have your taxes done. It seems that Wyoming files their taxes ahead of any other state in the U.S.

It's a great feeling whenever you get your tax refund, and in Wyoming, we like to race everyone else to have that specific feeling. Based on a survey conducted of more than 2,500 people across the U.S., the results showed that we file our taxes the fastest, and it really was not that close.

The survey gave five possible options for responses:

  1. As soon as they have the forms.
  2. Close to a month before tax day.
  3. Close to a week before tax day.
  4. On tax day.
  5. After-tax day.

The percentage of the respondents from Wyoming that file their taxes immediately after receiving their tax forms is 58 percent. The next closest was Florida at 54.9 percent. While that seems at just over a 3 percent gap, each state that followed in the rankings had a much closer gap percentage-wise.

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The states with the largest percentage of procrastinators when it comes to tax time are as follows: North Dakota, Utah, Maryland, California, and Texas, which had the largest percentage of those who file their taxes on or after tax day at 29.4 percent.

So it turns out that we're really go-getters in Wyoming when it comes to getting our taxes done. Or perhaps we really just want to get that tax refund as soon as humanly possible. It's probably a good thing I wasn't involved in this survey. Given my proclivity to procrastinate until the last possible second for everything, it may have pulled our numbers in the wrong direction. Either way, it's still a good reminder that tax time if officially here so get them done, even if you do wait until the last second like I will.

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