A bill that will be considered by the Wyoming Legislature early next year would increase the state tax on gasoline to 39 cents per gallon.

The legislation would phase in a 15 cents per gallon increase from the current 24 cents per gallon tax over a three-year period. You can read a draft of the legislation here. The proposal passed a legislative committee on a 9-2 vote last week and will be considered by lawmakers when the legislature meets in February in Cheyenne.

The money raised would go towards highway construction, repair, and maintenance. Other Wyoming Department of Transportation operations would be barred from using revenues raised by the tax. Wyoming has not increased fuel taxes since 2013, and such proposals tend to generate strong opposition in a state where driving relatively long distances for work, shopping, health care,  and recreation is a common occurrence for many residents. But supporters argue that it's needed to maintain state roads and highways.

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