COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Cowboy State have fallen to a three-month low, according to figures released by the Wyoming Department of Health.

According to the department, 137 Wyomingites were hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Sunday. On September 18, the most recent dip, 170 residents were in the hospital with COVID-19.

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Still, as numbers dip, Wyoming is still at the median of the pandemic in terms of hospitalizations. For much of this year, far fewer than 100 residents found themselves hospitalized with COVID.

Only Cheyenne Regional Medical Center has more patients hospitalized with COVID than Wyoming Medical Center. The two hospitals have 45 and 27 patients, respectively.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 1,347 Wyomingites have died from COVID.

According to public data, as of Monday, 47.73% of Wyoming's residents have become fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Teton County is far ahead of the state with 82.6% of its residents (19,382) fully vaccinated. Albany County trails with 51.96% having been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Natrona County sits at 51.96% of residents (33,315( being fully vaccinated.

Crook County rounds out the state with 23.81% of residents vaccinated. Campbell County has seen 25.91% vaccinated.

The largest group to have been vaccinated in Wyoming is senior citizens older than 65. Seventy-two percent of that demographic has been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, adults 18 and over have been vaccinated at a rate of 50.5%. Adolescents (12-17) represent 28.9%.

In total, 561,063 vaccines have been administered.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there have been 87,144 total lab-confirmed cases in Wyoming. There have been an additional 22,658 cases.

The Centers for Disease Control along with the state health department urge the public to get vaccinated, stating that the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

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