Tim Barnes has a pretty sweet gig. The co-founder of the Black Tooth Brewing Company gets paid to make beer. But there's one job at the Sheridan, Wyo. brewery that's even better; getting paid to drink it.

We ran into Barnes at a promotional event in Cheyenne last night. He discussed Black Tooth's meteoric rise from a two-man operation to a 30-barrel brew house with distribution across Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota...and more to come.

With over a dozen beers in production at any given time, Black Tooth employs a panel of "professional beer tasters" to insure quality.

"Every week, we test our beers both warm and cold," Barnes told us. "When they start to break down, it's not so fun to be a taster. But when they're new and fresh and kept cold, they're fantastic."

According to the boss at Black Tooth, you can never have too much quality control.

"We're always accepting new applicants for tasters. Apply at the brewery."



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