A Wyoming lawmaker said on Facebook that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez acted "like whores" during the Super Bowl halftime show.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Gillette Representative Scott Clem said Lopez and Shakira were opening themselves to being treated as sexual objects.

On his personal Facebook page, Clem used the demeaning language to describe the performance. However, on the page Rep. Scott Clem for Wyoming House District 31, Clem referred to Lopez and Shakira as "acting like sexual objects."

Clem appears to have removed the post from his page or altered his privacy settings, but a screenshot is still available.


Sunday's performance has sparked debate on social media. The show featured pole dancing and other provocative moments. Lopez also donned a Puerto Rican flag while singing Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA."

Some praised the performance as empowering for Latinas while others said it was overly provocative.

Yahoo Finance reported that Superbowl performers are rarely paid for their time. However, it's common for them to see sharp increases in album sales.

"Women are not sexual objects," Clem wrote on his and personal legislative Facebook pages. "They are not created for the sick pleasures and fantasies of men."

Clem began serving in the Wyoming Legislature in 2015. The Wyoming Legislature website lists his occupation as being a pastor.

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