Outgoing Wyoming Rep. Scott Clem [R-Gillette] says he is organizing a rally for Monday, Jan. 4 at noon at the state Capitol Building to "protest the tyranny of our Wyoming State Governor."

Clem, who has represented Wyoming House District 31 for several years in the Wyoming Legislature for several years, made the announcement on his ''Scott Clem for Wyoming House District 31" Facebook page.

You can read his full announcement here. In his announcement, Clem included the following comments:

"It's time to practice our constitutional rights to peaceably assemble and protest the tyranny of our Wyoming State Governor. If you feel like your government has disregarded your voice, your freedom, and your constitutional rights, please join us."

Clem has long been a critic of state health orders on the coronavirus, arguing that the economic and political impacts, ranging from unemployment to what he says is an increase in suicides, are far worse than the impacts of the virus itself.

Governor Gordon, in past statements on the pandemic, has said that if unchecked it threatens to overwhelm health care facilities to the point that people suffering from anything from broken bones to a heart attack would be unable to receive health care. He also has said that the long-term economic impacts of the virus might outweigh those caused by the measures Wyoming has taken to fight the pandemic.

Unlike some other states, Wyoming never implemented a statewide lockdown and only recently implemented a statewide face mask mandate.  There have also been limitations on public gatherings and similar measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The governor has often become visibly annoyed at comments suggesting the state has been locked down.

Clem, long recognized as an outspoken conservative voice in the state legislature, decided not to run for re-election in 2020.

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