A website dedicated to the History of Wyoming is hoping to grab the attention of "everyone" with its official roll-out.

WyoHistory.org is announcing its official unveiling this spring, in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the State Historical Society.  The website has been online since about 2011, however site editor Tom Rae says the now believe it's time to make the page's launch official.

"We've been online for a little while, but we haven't wanted to publicize it widely until now," Rae says.  "We have a nice mass of content on there."

Rae goes on to say that the website is devoted to topics relating to Wyoming's history including articles, photos, oral histories and field trip suggestions.

Rae says that the idea for the website came to him as a freelance writer and has written three books on Wyoming history.  "I thought there might be a way to use the web to really bring Wyoming history in an accessible way to people all over the world," said Rae.  He then says he approached the state historical society who thought the idea sounded good.

Articles that are currently featured on the website's front page cover a range of topics throughout history, as recent as an article about Wyoming's Olympic gold-medalist Rulon Gardner to an article about the notorious and legendary outlaw, Butch Cassidy.

"A great new article about Butch Cassidy is pretty cool.  It's hard to write well about outlaw history, because nobody involved with outlaws 100 years ago had much of a good reason to tell the truth," says Rae.  "It's an interesting exercise to try and sort fact from fiction with somebody like Butch Cassidy.  But, I'd like to think we did a pretty good job."


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