A Laramie woman charged with forgery received a split sentence in Albany County District Court today.

Reanna Mesa, 37, will serve one year in the Albany County Detention Center, after which she will serve three years of supervised probation. Prosecutor Kurt Britzius said the State recommended probation in Mesa’s case, due to the fact that this was her first felony and that her criminal history was related to her alcohol and drug addiction issues, for which she needs treatment.

According to court documents, Mesa and a man, Terry Wood, obtained a wallet from an unlocked vehicle on the corner of Garfield and 6th Street. Mesa and Wood made multiple unauthorized charges to the credit card they found in the wallet, totaling $1,746.05.

Mesa and Wood were identified using the stolen credit card from surveillance video from multiple stores where they used the card, according to the affidavit. The stolen wallet was found in the vehicle that Mesa and Wood shared.

Albany County District Judge Tori Kricken said she considered the full range of punishment for Mesa, but decided on a split sentence because she did not believe probation alone would provide enough structure to help Mesa deal with her substance abuse issues.

Judge Kricken said Mesa will be considered for furlough to allow her to complete a level 3.5 resident inpatient treatment. If she completed the treatment, Mesa would be considered for a sentence reduction.

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