The Wyoming Highway Patrol said Monday that almost half of the people who have died on Wyoming Highways in 2019 were not wearing seatbelts.

As of April 15, 38 people had been killed in accidents in Wyoming roadways in 2019. The patrol says of that number, 17 were not wearing seatbelts, adding in a news release "This number does not have to be that high."

The release reads in part:

"Have you ever decided to go for a drive with your friends and family and think to yourself, “I’m fine without my seatbelt.”  “It’s just a quick trip into town.”  “It’s not worth the hassle of making sure everyone is buckled up.”  “They are all adults, and it is not my responsibility.” 

This is a thought most of us have experienced.  We all think it’s a quick trip and nothing will happen.  Would you be surprised if you knew the lack of seatbelt use is the leading cause of fatalities so far this year?  Would you be surprised if family members told you their son, daughter, husband, or wife who was killed were always safety oriented and wore their seatbelts?  However, this one day they failed to buckle up.  You are probably left with the question, “Why, why this day?”

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