The Albany County Sheriff's Office is reminding motorists to wear their seatbelts with the ''Click it or Ticket" campaign, which will continue through June 2.

The local campaign is in conjunction with national and state click-it-or-ticket campaigns, which also run through June 2.

In the words of the sheriff's post: The purpose of this campaign is to remind drivers and passengers alike not only the importance of wearing a seatbelt but also the consequences when you do not wear one. Remember, slow down and buckle up-all the cool kids are doing it! Have a safe holiday weekend."

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, about half of the 25, 420 passenger vehicle occupants who were killed on U.S. highways in 2022 were not buckled up.

Wyoming Ranks Below The National Average for Seat Belt Usage

The NHTSA says Wyoming seat belt usage between 2015 and 2022 averaged 79.8 percent, well below the national average of 88.5 percent. One of Wyoming's neighbors, South Dakota, ranked even lower, with a usage of just over 73 percent.

In 2020 the agency urged Wyoming to make non-usage of seat belts a primary offense, meaning motorists could be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt even if they are not stopped for another offense, such as speeding. Under current state law, not using seat belts is a secondary offense, meaning people can only be ticketed for it if they are first stopped for another offense.

But efforts in the Wyoming Legislature to make not wearing seat belts a primary offense have gotten little traction so far.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Physical Assessment Testing

The Wyoming Highway Patrol completed physical assessment testing (WYPAT) in the Laramie High School gym. The vigorous test consists of three parts... could you beat the WYPAT record of 3.02 minutes?

Gallery Credit: Nicole Sherwood

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