What started nearly 15 years ago as a group of friends getting together to jam has since morphed into one of the largest music festivals in Wyoming, and this year it's coming to Centennial. The two-day music extravaganza features both local bands and musicians coming in from all over the Rocky Mountain region.

Festival goers are encouraged to camp out or stay at local hotels in the area,with discounted camping rates available during the weekend. Pre-sale tickets are available now at the Laramie Plains Civic Center, Coal Creek Coffee, or the Friendly Store in Centennial. For only $30, you can see some of the best music the Cowboy State has to offer, so don't miss it! Full schedule below courtesy of WhatFest. 


4-5 The Woodpile

6:30-7:30 10 cent stranger

9-10 Jalan Crossland Solo

10:35-11:35 Mama Lenny

12-1 Sneaky Pete


2:45-3:45 Whiskey Slaps 

5:15-6:15 Samantha Rise

7:45-8:45  J Shogren Shanghai’d

10:05-10:30 DJ Schell Shock

11:40-12 DJ Schell Shock


4:30-5:10 Zoe Moreton

5:30-6:10 The Littlest Birds

6:30-7:10 Seth McGee

7:30-8:10 The Yokels

8:30-9:10 Jake Clayton


11:30-12:30 Moral Panic

2-3 Wolves in Cheap Clothing

4:30-5:30 Green Street Majority

7-8 Peculiar Patriots

9:25-10:25 Young Dubliners

11-11:45 Redbush

12-1 Elk Tongue


12:45-1:45 Tie Hack

3:15-4:15 Lonesome Heroes

5:45-6:45 Low Water String Band

8:15-9:15 Two Tracks

10:30-10:50 Gem City Dolls


12:30-1:10 Danny Drinkwine

1:30-2:10 Pappy LongLegs

2:30-3:10 Matt Mahern

3:30--4:10 John Poland

4:30-5:10 Jeff Daughtry

5:30--6:10 Matthew Wilburn Skinner

6:30-7:10 Dyann Diercks

7:30-8:10 Kathryn Jones

8:30-9:10 Timothy John

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