South Principal Phil Thompson says the high school is "trying to take all the steps necessary" to combat a TikTok challenge that has students destroying school bathrooms.

"Students that are caught vandalizing the restrooms will be suspended for 3-5 days, receive a ticket for destruction of property and pay for the damages they cause," Thompson told parents and guardians in an email Tuesday.

"If there is continued damage to the restrooms, we will be forced to lock all restrooms except those in the commons and we will monitor those more closely," he added.

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When asked Wednesday if the school had implemented any of the measures, Thompson said no restrooms had been locked, but "there was one student that we talked to parents and the student about because our police officer saw the TikTok video."

"We had an announcement today where I got on in front of all students and was very well received," said Thompson. "The kids are frustrated because it is a very small percentage of our population (that's doing this) ... but we just want to make a point that we've got to stop this."

"It's not terrible," he added. "I just don't want it to become a major problem."


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