I will admit that I'm an earthquake nerd, so I tend to follow earthquakes pretty much all around our region. However, I don't recall ever seeing one happen in the Black Hills of South Dakota...until today.

The USGS just shared this quake that registered a 3.4 just to the east of the Wyoming border near Edgemont, South Dakota.


If you've ever experienced a bigger earthquake someplace like California, you'll likely chuckle at a 3.4 making the news. We have minor to moderate quakes in the Yellowstone National Park part of Wyoming all the time, but they are rarely felt.

If you look at the USGS report on this quake, you'll see that 25 people reported feeling it almost immediately. That's notable.

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The quake happened at around 8:52 am mountain time this morning. It will be interesting to follow this quake and see how many "felt" reports there are over the next several days. I also look to see if this relatively minor quake is a forerunner for a larger quake to follow.

Like I mentioned, I am an earthquake nerd. I will update this story if I learn any new information.

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