Despite dismal survey results nationally and locally, over 78% of teachers said they were proud to teach in Wyoming. 

Teaching rates are declining nationally, a recent study by the National Teacher Education Statistics showed. Almost half of US public schools have teacher vacancies, and the average public school has two vacancies.  

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The decline is true in Wyoming as well, with fewer people choosing Education majors in college, and fewer people applying for vacancies. The University of Wyoming and the National Education Association also conducted a survey and found that “55% of surveyed teachers are more likely to leave the profession due to staffing, salary, and student support systems than they were just a few years ago.”

In Wyoming, survey results showed:
Over 65% of teachers would quit if it weren’t for financial and other reasons
About 63% of teachers report wanting to leave due to mental health
Over 50% would like to leave over assessment and
73% want to leave due to a lack of support

To combat these statistics and capitalize on Wyoming pride, the WDE has launched the Wyoming Teacher Apprenticeship program, where a professional in any content area can apply to become a teacher and receive paid on-the-job training. All apprentices will have to complete the Educator Preparation Program that leads to licensure and a Bachelor’s. A total of 6,000 hours of training will be completed, the equivalent of three years in the classroom, in a gradual-release model. 

 Three school districts will be piloting this program this year: Laramie County 1, Teton County 1, and Fremont County 24. For more information on the program, click here.

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