Carol lives on a Wyoming Centennial Ranch (a ranch that has been in the same family for 100 years) and has been blogging for more than a decade at

On her blog she shares short and sweet looks at her life in Wyoming, from videos to pictures, her stories of what it is REALLY like to live in Wyoming are read across the world.

When I came across her Instagram post about Mountain Lion tracks and drag marks I immediately headed to YouTube to watch the video and learn what happened.

In her video description, Carol says "The mountain lion had killed a deer and drug it over a couple of hills, across our cattle guard and the highway, and stashed it in some trees."

My favorite part of the video is that the snowplow driver stopped to chat with Carol (such a Wyoming thing to do) and then went along on the adventure with her to see "if it was a big lion."

Again, a totally Wyoming thing to do.

I agree with Carol, I would have hung back too while he charged forward to see what was behind the tree.

It was truly impressive to see how far the Mountain Lion drug that deer, and that alone is a pretty good indicator of how big the Lion was.

You better believe I will be keeping my eyes out for more posts about this Mountain Lion, I'm betting he/she will be back for more...

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