Video recently shared to YouTube shows the sheer strength of one of Wyoming's most majestic beasts.

YouTube user Huntstyle published the video to his channel last week. He said he loved watching PBS nature shows as a kid and the video was his attempt to recreate that.

Bighorn sheep are among the most sought after tags to draw in Wyoming. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says drawing one is "akin to winning the lottery." 

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Drawing odds are usually less than 1 percent.

And, if you draw a tag, you must wait five years to apply again.

Also according to Game and Fish, hunting bighorn sheep is more difficult than other species. It typically involves packing gear over long distances in rugged country at high elevations.

Fortunately, while it's hard to get your hands on a tag, if you do manage to do so, your odds of success are roughly 75%.


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