One of the coolest thing about animals is seeing them behave similar to humans, especially in the wild. Thus was the case when motorists driving through the Montana side of Yellowstone National Park encountered a bison herd protecting the calves by shielding them from oncoming traffic.

The video was posted by ViralHog on their official YouTube channel on July 3rd, 2021, but it actually took place on June 23rd, 2021. The video was captioned:

These bison were taking a morning stroll through Yellowstone Park. Similar to humans, they shielded their calves from traffic and one calf needed an extra 'hurry up' nudge from its mama.

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A few of the people in the comments section actually praised the gigantic beasts for staying on the correct side of the yellow lines better than most tourists driving through the area. Although funny, that's probably pretty accurate. We're also glad no one excited their vehicles in attempt to get closer to the animals.

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