Community Organzied Resources for Educating (C.O.R.E.) founder Rick McPherson is bringing their "Caught in the Moment" Freshman Impact program to Laramie High School in 2019.

McPherson gave a public presentation at LHS last Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019. The program is a unique interactive training curriculum that aims to educate teenagers about the dangers and consequences of drugs, driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and distracted driving.

It’s seen success across the state of South Dakota, where it was originated. This program has already been in a few communities, Newcastle and Wheatland, here in Wyoming. The Wyoming Highway Patrol has teamed up with C.O.R.E to further awareness of this Freshman Impact program across the state.

It is a free program to schools and funding is raised through other sources to help support it.

Rick McPherson recently appeared on the "Laramie Live on KOWB" radio morning show with host David Settle. McPherson talked about the background of this initiative, how it's growing, what the program does, how numerous resources are involved, and what freshman students can expect during this day-long event in the video above.

The overall goal is to help freshman students in high school as they prepare to become the next generation of drivers on the road.

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