A long time ago, in a capital city that you are either in or not too far from, the Cheyenne Police Department received some help from a droid that happened to be the one they were looking for. We know, Star Wars Day was technically yesterday (May 4th), but the message that R2-D2 and the Cheyenne PD hoped to pass along remains just as important today.

It's only fitting that not only was yesterday Star Wars Day, but R2-D2 has also been recognized as Wyoming's favorite movie robot. So the Cheyenne Police Department let R2 help and ride along, all despite the fact that there were sightings of Sand People and an encounter with the all powerful Darth Vader, himself. Check out the video below.

As you can see, not even Darth Vader can get away with speeding. The Cheyenne Police Department definitely knows how to get across the message about public safety while also having some fun. Everyone has a Star Wars nerd in them to relate to.

But it's always to important to remember the message behind the video from 2018. Essentially, the Cheyenne PD wants you to not speed. By slowing down, you can cut down on the risk of getting a ticket or even worse, being in an accident.

And for the record, I'm not sure that using the Force will work on 'troopers' as mentioned in the video. Then again, Jedis aren't actually real so the Force doesn't exist in reality anyway. Stay safe on the roads, Cheyenne!

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