I have shared some of the most exotic and expensive homes in Wyoming over the years. This is the opposite of that. As of right now, this appears to be the least expensive home in Wyoming. It's located in Rawlins and includes Star Wars characters on the wall as a bonus.

Couple of very important disclaimers. First, this is currently listed as the lowest price home in Wyoming according to Realtor.com for single-family homes and does not include manufactured homes. Second and most important, I am not making fun of anyone's home. A home is a home and my family's budget isn't big either when it comes to housing. I just decided to find out how low you can go for price in Wyoming. This appears to be it.

Least expensive home in Wyoming Right Now

I'm not being sarcastic when I say that you could do worse than this home. It's located at 538 W. State Street in Rawlins and has a current asking price of just $26,000.

I have friends who have taken fixer-upper homes and done wonders. If you have the need and the resources, I have no doubt this could be upgraded and make someone very happy. Check out the full listing on Realtor and make Luke Skywalker proud.

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Wyoming's Most Expensive Home Currently Available

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