Something you don’t see every day!

Hunters noticed this deer standing in the same spot, tail twitching.

Deer like to keep moving. Even when they bed down they don't like to stay in the same place. The fact that this one was standing in the same field for such a long period of time just seemed odd.

We came back this morning to check on him and there he was bedded down in the same spot. With better light it was obvious he was caught up in something. The coyotes had almost beat us to him chewing his tail clean off throughout the night. (Wheat King Adventures).

See the action in the video below.

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At this point, the deer has a lot to worry about.

There are predictors in the night.

Then there are the hunters that would like to take a good-looking buck like this down.

But most human hunters have a different sense of fair play.

When they see that this handsome buck is actually tangled in something they no longer wanted to kill him. They want to save him.

From what we could tell he was rubbing his antlers on the spool of the temporary fencing unit and wrapped himself up in quite the mess, pulling out over 200 yards of rope. (WKA).

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As you might imagine the problem at this point is that the buck does not trust the intentions of the hunters.

As you can see in the video it was quite a task to approach this guy and set him free.

It's like reeling in a big fish, with antlers.

The hunters work together pulling the buck in and taking him to the ground.

Be careful of those antlers guys.

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What is odd is that once free, the buck does not just run off right away.

Perhaps he is frozen in fear.

He just lays there.

It takes a little pat on the bum from one of the hunters to get this big fellow up on his feet.

Then he runs off.

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Typical bucks don't even hang around to say thank you.

They just bolt off into the wild.

Fist bumps all around at the men congratulate each other on a job well done.

He'll probably run for a while and then find a safe place to bed down. He had a rough night.

At this point, you're probably wanting to see this entire thing play out.

Here is the video.

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