Home On the Range Animal Haven (HORAH) is turning to the community for assistance, as they may lose their current home property in just over a month.

The 501©(3) animal sanctuary houses 36 animals. Their purpose is to return animals to sound physical, social, and emotional health while providing them a forever home. They also work with a wide range of community organizations, at-risk youth, developmental and intellectually challenged adults, school-age children, and counseling clients to enhance their well-being and self-worth through equine and touch therapy.

Executive Director and caretaker Deb Roberts and vice president of the HORAH Board of Directors Pam Brekken joined host David Settle during the ‘Laramie Live on KOWB’ radio morning show Tuesday in the video above. Roberts and Brekken explained what HORAH is all about, how their present property status changed and is in jeopardy, what actions steps they’re working on and towards, plus how you could help.

This organization was founded back in February 2012. They are entirely volunteer-based, and any funds are devoted to the well-being and caretaking of their animals.

You can reach Ms. Roberts by text at 307-760-0534 or call Ms. Brekken at 307-760-4753. You can also visit their website, LaramieHomeontheRange.org, connect with them via Facebook, or email laramiehomeontherange@gmail.com, for more information.

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