Hospice of Laramie has three main fundraisers; the Wine Gala in the fall, a 5K color run in the summer, and now the Taste and Toast in February/spring. This event has been updated to replace a previous event ("FeBREWary" which was a local home brewers beer fest that Hospice had hosted for about ten years), and they would like to invite the Laramie community in joining them for this event.

Participating local businesses will provide TASTEs from their menus in a casual "tasting fair" atmosphere, and compete for "favorite" in various food and beverage categories. The community will have the opportunity to TOAST our local chefs, bakers, brewers, and makers of the delicious foods and beverages that we have right here in Laramie while enjoying live music, a silent auction, and other activities.
This exciting new fundraiser replaces Hospice's long-running FeBREWary event.

The Event

  • Date: Saturday, February 18
  • Time: 4 PM - 8 PM
  • Location: Laramie Plains Civic Center (710 E Garfield St.)
  • Fees: $35/ticket
  • For More Information, click HERE or call 307 745 9254.

About Hospice Of Laramie

Hospice provides support and care for persons in the last phases of incurable disease so they may live as fully and comfortably as possible. Hospice recognizes dying as part of the normal process of living and focuses on maintaining the quality of remaining life.

Learn more about them HERE.

Hospice of Laramie Mission

To promote acceptance of the process of dying as a natural, potentially fulfilling part of life, while providing emotional, spiritual, social, and material resources to support the dying, their families, and friends.

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