Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney recently appeared on the Fox News program 'Your World with Neil Cavuto' to discuss the fallout from President Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

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Cheney, like many of her fellow Republicans, thought this was a botched plan from jump street and has been taking the president to task for the decisions he's made; decisions, she says, have cost lives.

Appearing on Fox News, Cheney stated that President Biden put American in an inexplicable and indefensible situation.

"There’s one message that the Taliban should be hearing from the United States of America, and that is: If you do not allow us, right now, to withdraw every person we need to get out, every American, every Afghan who helped us, you will face consequences that will be more severe than you can imagine,'" Cheney warned. "That's the message the Taliban should be hearing."

That's not what happened, though, according to Cheney. And that is to the detriment of the American people.

"This decision that President Biden has made to withdraw from Afghanistan, and the way that it's been implemented, has really increased the threat to the United States and put us at risk in ways that are hard to calculate," she said.

Now, on the heels of the anniversary of 9/11, Cheney said that America is in a position that makes us just as vulnerable as we were in the days leading up to that tragic event.

She said that, "President Biden bears direct responsibility for what is really a catastrophic decision that is going to put us at risk in ways that we have not been since before 9/11."

Despite President Biden's pledge to get all Americans out of Afghanistan by the end of August, Cheney said she does not believe that will happen.

"I do not believe that we will be able to get all of the Americans out by August 31st," Cheney stated. "I think it’s very clear that we are not on a path to do that, despite what the White House is saying. We had 2,500 forces on the ground maintaining a counterintelligence presence, maintaining a counterterrorism presence. The Afghan forces were bearing the brunt of the fight. We were working with them, and we were preventing the Taliban from gaining an entire country as a sanctuary from which their allies, al Qaeda, the other terrorist organizations like ISIS-K, the Haqqani Network, which now seems to be responsible for security in Kabul -- all of those terrorist organizations, which want to attack the United States, now have an entire country as a sanctuary thanks to this withdrawal that we’ve seen President Biden order."

Video of the interview can be seen below.

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