It’s been a common topic for the past week about the Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow and how the fire keeps growing in one of the parks closest to Cheyenne and Laramie. I was leaving work yesterday and was asked to do a favor for our engineer at one of our sites at Pilot Hill, just outside of Laramie. I’m usually up for an adventure, especially if I know there’s a chance that I’ll get to see some nice scenery, or something that this rube from Kentucky would never get to see otherwise.  

My wife was off work, so I figured it’d be fun to take her with me, she was mostly unnerved once we made the trip up Pilot Hill by the narrow, dirty, and rock-filled road. I was more unnerved when I reached a point where there was a gate that caused me to walk about a half-mile uphill to the site. As I walked up the hill, the smoke covered air was very apparent, visually and from breathing. 

I went to the site and did the quick favor, and stood for a moment to look at the landscape, since that was one of the reasons I was willing to do it, other than being a team player. What I noticed, was tons of smoke. So much so that I couldn’t see Laramie down in the hill like you normally would due to the Mullen Fire smoke in Medicine Bow.  

Here are some pictures and a video I took.  

I was both blown away and kind of sad by the site, I really hope the Mullen Fire and all fires affecting the west, are taken care of soon and everyone stays safe.  

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