When I came across this video on Facebook, my first thought was "Dodge needs to use this for a commercial!"

With the big storms last weekend and the resulting drifts, numerous people were stuck at home, in parking lots, and even in the streets.

Over the last few days, there have been numerous feel-good stories about Casperites digging each other out, offering rides, and even providing shelter for those that have been stranded because of the vicious weather.

In this video, you can see how one kindly Casper man used his truck to pull a Semi down snowy, icy and drifted roads.

You can almost feel the bite of the cold wind as you watch it blow sideways directly into the Casper man, and the thankful truckdriver as they unhook the semi.

It's little acts of kindness like this that add up to make Casper such a wonderful place to live.

If you have a video or picture of a random act of kindness during these last few snow-filled days we'd love to watch them.

You can send them to us using the My Country Mobile App.

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