Living in Wyoming, there's a really good chance you have experience towing a trailer. Could be a horse trailer, camper trailer, car trailer, side by side trailer or a moving trailer, but it's highly likely.

When you are getting ready to take off, there are a few things you look at to make sure the trailer is in good towing order.

Here are some of those basic checklist items. (Click this link for a more detailed list)

  • Good tire pressure
  • Lights connected and working
  • Coupler latched
  • Pin in place
  • Chains connected
  • Load secure

The possibility of something going wrong is higher when you don't make sure the trailer is ready to go.

One thing that many forget about is the tow ball.


Depending on who you're talking to, they'll say you need to make sure that you lubricate your tow ball. Which if you think about it, makes sense. This is the main piece of metal on the vehicle, that keeps your trailer connected to your tow vehicle.

The trailer coupler is the other important part of the equation. This is the part of the trailer that connects to the tow ball and makes a secure connection to the truck.


Opinions on the issue differ from person to person. Brian from DIY Outdoor Life, is on the side of lubricating. Saying that even though the ball is hardened metal and can take quite a bit of wear and can be concern.

After towing over a period of time, your ball will begin to wear in certain places and if you had been lubricating it, it may not have.

He also says in this video from the DIY Outdoor Life channel

I don't claim to be an expert here, but I've tried a lot of different things and I have a lot of experience towing.

The goal of this video is to give you some options on what may lengthen the life of your towing package.

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