With warmer spring weather on the way, the University of Wyoming Police Department is asking bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists to follow standards of courtesy and safety.

Specifically, bicyclists are reminded to walk their bikes in designated dismount zones at high-pedestrian areas throughout the campus, including the crossings through Prexy’s Pasture. Fines for riding a bicycle through a dismount zone start at $25.

“Be courteous to fellow riders, pedestrians and vehicles,” Police Chief Mike Samp says. “And follow the rules of the road.”

The UWPD also encourages bicyclists to wear helmets and to properly lock bikes in bike racks, not on other structures.

To deter theft, the UWPD asks bicyclists to register their bikes with the department, if they haven’t already done so. The cost is $5. Registration allows the UWPD to capture all pertinent information required to increase chances of recovery if a bicycle is stolen.

A full list of UW’s bicycle regulations can be found at http://www.uwyo.edu/uwpd/bicycle-info.html. For a detailed map of dismount zones and bike racks, go to http://www.uwyo.edu/rec/outdoor-program/_files/docs/uw-bike-paths.pdf.

Any questions can be answered by calling UWPD at 766-5179.

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