Whether you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift, displaying your Poke Pride, obsessing over Harry Potter or simply trying to stay warm, Quirk Shop can help you out! It's an online shop run by a University of Wyoming graduate which can be found on Etsy.

Michele (pronounced Mi-kay-luh, also goes by Cayla, Mic or Kenna) Freeburn has always had an appreciation for anything and everything one-of-a-kind. After graduating from UW with a degree in Textiles and Merchandising, she was disappointed with the lack of sewing and creativity that went into working part-time in retail every Saturday. So she used her quirkiness, sewing maching and business minor to open Quirk Shop in September of 2010.

On a whim, Cayla posted Harry Potter items since she had made some for her sisters to wear to the premier of the latest movie. The result was her best selling item, the "I Heart Harry Potter (Choose Your Color) Headband", Quirk Shop was featured on the beauty website bellasugar and a customer base was built.

Everything from mittens to travel wallets can be found at Quirk Shop. Cayla takes custom orders, will ship overseas (furthest so far is Sweden), and will have it in your hands in about one week, complete with a custom made tag. To check out all Quirk Shop has to offer and place your order, head to the Quirk Shop Website.

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