High Fashion from recycled clothing and materials will be taking the Laramie runway at the UW Eco-Chic fashion show later this month.

Each year, student honoraries Phi Omicron Upsilon and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences put on a professional project. This year, the two joined forces for the eco-chic show.

McCall Linke, a student worker and spokesperson for the project, says that sometimes fashion isn't known for being kind to the environtment.

"Because of fast fashion, people are always changing their clothes, even though they're not worn out all the way," says Linke.  "So, this event is about bringing awareness about sustainability and how you can still have fashionably trendy clothes by recycling or redoing or reusing materials.  Or using items that are friendly to the environment."

Keynote speaker Patricia Moura, in partnership with Dorly Piske from Partners of America, trains women to make bio jewelry in Recife, Brazil, to create a strong community and jobs for these women.

Students will compete to win a gift card for the bio jewelry and other prizes. Bio jewelry will be on display and for sale at the event.

Proceeds from sales in the U.S. fund health programs, specifically mammography for women in Brazil.

Seventeen entries from across the UW campus spotlight five categories: upcycled, eco-friendly material, exhibition, thrift store style and wearable art.

The fashion show will be at 5 PM, April 11th, in the Visual Arts Building lobby at the UW campus in Larmie.

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